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This page contains autumn-themed templates that can be used in the design of wall newspapers, creating crafts or a lapbook. All pictures are in excellent quality and can be downloaded for free.

Autumn tree template

We know how difficult it is to carve a beautiful tree. This tree solves this problem. Its crown is realized as a circle. There are 3 autumn trees on the sheet, which are placed on a transparent background. Thus, trees can be used both in design and crafts.

Autumn frame template

The above frame is made using autumn leaves of different colors, from yellow to dark brown. You can download the frame on the theme of autumn in GIF format with a transparent layer.

Beautiful autumn leaves pattern

Very beautiful colored leaves are placed on A4 sheet. This is not an ordinary leaf template outline, but a full-fledged color picture that can also be cut out.

Bouquet of autumn leaves

This picture of a beautiful bouquet of autumn leaves is made on a transparent background and can be downloaded in good quality.

Autumn pattern: acorns

The template shows 3 acorns with leaves. This template is easy to cut out or use in your design due to the fact that the acorns are placed on a transparent background.

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