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Drawing a crossword puzzle yourself is a very laborious task. We offer you to download several beautiful symmetrical crossword puzzles for free, which you can fill in the Word yourself.

  • templates are meant to be edited in Word;
  • any crossword puzzle is made on an A4 sheet of format.

Download crossword templates for Word

Only 11 words contains this crossword template (PDF, DOCx), which can be considered childish. Symmetry and aesthetics were respected.

Another simple crossword template can be downloaded in DOCx or PDF. The words were not numbered.

This crossword contains 33 words. The symmetry of the template was taken into account. DOCx or PDF is available for download free of charge.

This crossword template contains 35 horizontal and vertical words from 5 to 8 letters. Download this DOCx and PDF if you need this option.

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