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This page contains stencils with different hearts that are intended for cutting. Any heart can be downloaded for free.

  • hearts are laid out on A4 format;
  • on one sheet there is a heart of a certain shape, but of different sizes;
  • several formats are available for downloading hearts: PDF, GIF.

Regular shaped heart stencil

By printing just one sheet of A4 format, you can cut out 14 hearts. One large, and the rest are smaller, but different sizes. You can download this stencil in PDF format.

Download heart stencil

This heart differs from the previous one in the depth of the incision. For ease of cutting, the contours of the hearts are made with a thin line. You can download the stencil in PDF format.

Paired hearts stencil

The next stencil depicts two hearts merged into one. As before, the template contains a stencil of one large paired heart and many smaller hearts. This stencil is available in PDF format.

Pot-bellied heart stencil

The hearts in this stencil are pot-bellied. Approximately the way the heart is deformed upon impact.

Stencil of two hearts

This stencil features two hearts facing each other.

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