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Creating a schemes in Word is a rather laborious task. Ready-made templates that you can download from this page will greatly facilitate this task.

Scheme with arrows for Word

Download this DOCx and you will be able to quickly create your circuit by editing this template. The scheme is a series of rectangles with rounded corners, which are interconnected by arrows.

Black and white scheme for Word

This scheme template is designed in such a way that from the main block, the arrows point to another 10 separate elements in the form of rectangles with the ability to write your own text inside. Change the number of blocks, depending on the structure of your circuit. The color, font size and direction of the arrows can always be edited. You will need the following DOCx file, which can be opened in any version of Word.

Scheme of colored rectangles

This template will help you create a color scheme. On it, three more depart from the main element, and from them, in turn, there are five more colored rectangles with rounded corners in a column.

Horizontal scheme for Word

The above scheme template is made on a landscape sheet. The blocks are connected to each other not by arrows, but by broken lines. Download this DOCx if it suits you to edit this scheme.

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