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If a circle is not difficult to draw, then building an oval of the desired shape is not so easy. But it is not necessary to pick up a compass and a ruler, just download the oval template you like from this page. Below are A4 format templates on which an oval of various shapes, sizes and colors is drawn.

Download oval template

Download those ovals that are more suitable for your tasks.

Oval for the entire A4 sheet

You can download the oval that you can see above in PNG format. On the A4 format, it occupied the entire area of the sheet.

Template of two ovals on a sheet

Download high quality image of ovals.

Template of large and small ovals on a leaf

This oval resembles the shape of a face. If you needed it, download the following PNG.

Colored and black and white ovals of different sizes

Any of the sheets with ovals can be downloaded and then cut out.

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