Brochure template in Word: free download

The fastest way to sketch out a booklet is if you have a ready-made template at hand. The easiest way to create a booklet is in Word. This page contains template options for such booklets, which can be downloaded for free.

  • all booklet templates in A4 format and saved in DOCx
  • presented booklets folding into 3 parts and 4 parts
  • booklets are placed on a sheet of horizontal orientation

Brochure template for Word from 3 parts

If you are asked to type an example booklet, it is very easy to do this by downloading this DOCx template. Open it in Word, replace the images and enter the necessary information. This booklet is printed on both sides of an A4 paper. The finished template is folded into three parts (6 pages).

4-part booklet template for Word

Download the template of this booklet in DOCx, edit it in Word, print on a regular sheet and fold it to make a roll.