Cafe menu template

Not a single cafe can do without a menu in which the client can clearly choose what is better to order. The menu can be ordered at a printing house, or you can easily print it yourself. If you decide to type and print the menu for the cafe yourself, one of the templates that are posted on this page may come in handy. Any menu template for a cafe can be downloaded for free, in good quality for printing on an A4 sheet.

Two color cafe menu template

This template can be opened in Word and modified according to your preferences. DOCx menu file will open in any version of the program. The menu is made in two colors: red and beige. Divide your dishes into categories, write them in bold, and your menu will look attractive and read perfectly.

Vertical menu template for cafe

Such a template is suitable for a menu in which you need to place several dishes in large print. The menu has an unobtrusive beige background color. Delicate flourishes with flowers were used in the corners. Download the following DOCx if you need this template.

Coffee menu template for cafe

Edit this DOCx, then print and cut out both halves of the future coffee menu. It remains only to glue them together to get a nice card with prices for coffee or hot drinks in your cafe.

Tea menu template for cafe

This menu is designed to inform your cafe customers about the teas you can make. You do not need to have special professional computer skills to type such a menu. Download the template and fill in the name of the tea with the price. The template is ready for printing on an A4 sheet.