Paper car template: download and print

With a little time and desire, you can make yourself such a typewriter out of paper, the image of which is presented below. Printouts follow below.

In order to glue such a machine, you must:

  • paper or cardboard A4 format;
  • black and white or color printer;
  • scissors, ruler, glue.

First, let’s print out the following diagram of the machine. Next, all the details of the machine must be carefully cut with scissors, bent and glued, as shown in the instructions.

Making the machine will keep your child busy, and the fact that you can put small toys in it will please him even more.

Scheme of a coloring machine

You can have a great time entertaining a child if you download the diagram, cut it out, glue the car, and then color it in. The scheme of the machine is quite simple, and is made from one sheet of A4 format.

Appliqué paper machine

By printing out this A4 size sheet, your child can cut and paste parts of the car to make a beautiful appliqué.

Police car paper template

This police car is simply glued together. Download this PDF and print in black and white or color. Cut and glue where indicated green snowflakes.

Paper Subaru car template

The template of this machine is easy to make, since most of the volumetric elements must be printed on a color printer. The rest is bent and glued.

Smart from paper

Making such a smart as you can see in the image above is not at all difficult, just download and print this A4 sheet.