Paper head cap

Liven Up Any Party with Festive Party Hats!

Get everyone in the party spirit with fun and easy DIY party hats! This page offers a collection of printable party hat templates, perfect for any occasion. Simply download and print the templates on your color printer, cut them out, and glue the sides together for a festive headpiece!

Create a Party Hat Collection:

  • Browse through our selection of party hat templates and pick the theme that matches your celebration.
  • Print the chosen template on colorful cardstock for a vibrant look.
  • Carefully cut out the template along the solid lines.
  • Fold the template along the designated crease and apply glue to the designated edges to form the hat.
  • Let your creativity shine! Decorate your party hats with glitter, ribbons, or festive drawings to make them truly unique.

Get ready to celebrate in style!

Download head cap template

Each of the templates contains 3 sheets of A4 format, the content of which must be cut and glued.

Football fan hat template


Birthday cap


Caps in different colors


In order to glue the caps of different colors, the templates of which are presented above, you will need to print only one sheet of A4 format for each cap.