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We want to share with you patterns of house templates that you can print, then cut out, and glue yourself out of paper. All layouts are free, download and glue together with your children.

Printable house template

Assembly instructions

Paper house template

Another children’s house, but very simple assembly. Print out this template on regular sheet size, cut out 4 pieces and glue them together with pencil or PVA glue.

House template on A4

By printing the following image on an A4 sheet, you can glue and color a two-story house.

Paper brick house template

To print this house on an A4 sheet, you will need a color printer. Download JPG in good quality, where all the walls of the house are made of red brick.

Printable color house template

To print this orange house with a red roof and blue windows, download this JPG file.

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