Paper cut dolls

Dressing up paper dolls is a timeless and cherished activity for many children, especially girls. If you’re looking to fuel their creativity and inspire some imaginative play, look no further!

This webpage is bursting with a treasure trove of free paper doll templates. You’ll find a delightful variety of doll shapes, each accompanied by a fantastic selection of clothing templates.

Here’s how to unleash the fashion fun:

  1. Explore the Collection: Browse the variety of paper doll templates and pick the perfect doll and outfit combination for your child. There are options for all styles and preferences!
  2. Download and Print: Download the chosen templates for free and print them onto sturdy cardstock or paper.
  3. Cutting Fun: Carefully cut out the doll and each clothing item along the solid lines.

The Creative Canvas Awaits!

Now comes the truly exciting part: customization! Encourage your child to unleash their inner fashion designer by:

  • Decorating the Doll: Let your child personalize the doll itself with markers, crayons, or even glitter.
  • Coloring the Clothes: Each clothing template acts as a blank canvas for their artistic vision. They can color and decorate the outfits to their heart’s content.
  • Mixing and Matching: The beauty of paper dolls is the endless outfit combinations! Encourage your child to mix and match different clothing pieces to create unique and stylish looks.

Download dolls with clothes


All templates of dolls with clothes are ready for printing on A4 paper.

Paper doll play is a wonderful way to encourage children’s creativity, imagination, and storytelling skills. With these free templates, the fashion fun can begin right away!