Tie stencil

Whether you need to cut a tie out of paper or keep your child busy with appliqué, the following stencils are here to help. Many ties of different shapes and sizes are placed on A4 sheets, which are ready for printing. Any tie has a contour along which a child can cut it.

Calling all crafters and little fashionistas!

Looking for a fun and creative project? This page is brimming with awesome tie stencils, perfect for both paper crafting and applique activities!

We’ve got a variety of cool tie shapes and sizes, all conveniently sized to print perfectly on A4 paper. These stencils are ideal for:

  • Paper Tie Crafts: Simply print your chosen stencil, cut it out, and unleash your creativity! Decorate your paper tie with markers, paints, or glitter.
  • Applique Fun: Trace the stencil shapes onto fabric and create a vibrant applique masterpiece! Ties are a great addition to clothing, tote bags, or even homemade greeting cards.

Download tie stencil


The clear outlines on each stencil make it easy for children of all ages to cut out their chosen tie shape. So grab your scissors, some colorful paper or fabric, and get ready for some creative tie-tastic fun!