Paper cactus: download, print, cut and glue

Skip the Prickles, Craft a Paper Cactus!

Bring the beauty of a cactus to your home without the hassle of real plants. This creative project lets you craft your own stunning paper cactus! All you need is a color printer and a little enthusiasm. Simply download and print the provided templates (it might take a few sheets depending on the complexity), and with some glue, you’ll have a gorgeous paper cactus ready to brighten your space.

Enjoy the benefits:

  • No watering required!
  • Safe for homes with pets or curious children.
  • Easy customization – choose your favorite paper colors and textures.

Get ready to add a touch of desert flair to your decor!

The paper cactus craft is quite realistic, and from a long distance, the flower cannot be distinguished from the living one. In order to take up the manufacture of this craft, just download and print the following A4 sheets.

Download paper cactus template

Those who are used to using the instructions when implementing such crafts can also be downloaded for free.