Plectrum template

Calling all musicians and aspiring pick designers! This page offers a treasure trove: a free, downloadable plectrum template featuring a whopping 42 picks in real size (25mm x 35mm) on a single A4 sheet.

No more guesswork or fiddling with measurements! This template is ready to print at actual size on any standard printer. Here’s how you can unleash your creativity with this free resource:

  • Design Your Own Picks: Get creative and design your own custom picks! Print out the template and use it as a base for drawing, painting, or even collaging your unique designs.
  • Experiment with Materials: Feeling adventurous? Use the template to cut out picks from different materials like felt, plastic sheets, or even thin metal (with proper safety precautions!) to experiment with pick feel and sound.
  • Gifts for Fellow Musicians: Craft personalized picks as thoughtful gifts for your musician friends or bandmates. Print the template, decorate it with their initials or favorite band logos, and cut them out for a unique and heartfelt gesture.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: For beginners learning to play the guitar, this template can be a handy tool. Print it out on thick cardstock and cut out multiple picks to practice strumming without worrying about damaging expensive picks.

With this free downloadable plectrum template, the possibilities are as endless as your musical imagination. So, shred, strum, and express yourself with your very own custom picks!

Download mediator template

To print this A4 sheet, which is filled with guitar picks, you need to download this PDF.