Collage in Word: download templates

How many times we wanted to make a beautiful photo collage, but we lacked a special program, or the skills to work with it. This problem can be solved using Word. Indeed, in Word you can also make beautiful collages from photos. Significantly simplifies the process and saves time a ready-made template for Word, which allows you to make beautiful collages. You can download these templates for free from this page of our website.

Download collage for Word

In order to use this collage, you need to open the following DOCx file in Word. In this collage, you can insert 3 of your photos. After inserting the photos into the document, move them to the back so that they fill the frames. If you need to move a photo that has already been placed in the background, use the selection of objects from the main menu of the program.

This collage allows you to insert three photos, in addition, make inscriptions at the top or bottom of the template. A beautiful inscription can be obtained using Word-Art text. Download free DOCx template.

While Microsoft Word doesn’t offer built-in collage templates, you can still create collages using various methods and workarounds. Here’s a guide on how to create collages in Word:

Method 1: Using SmartArt Graphics

  1. Insert SmartArt Graphic: Go to the Insert tab and click on SmartArt. Choose a layout from the Graphics category that resembles a collage, such as Picture Puzzle or Radial Cycle.
  2. Add and Edit Images: Click on each SmartArt shape and insert your desired images. You can resize, rotate, and crop the images using the formatting options in the Design tab.
  3. Customize Appearance: Change the colors, styles, and effects of the SmartArt graphic using the options in the Design tab. You can also add text boxes and shapes to enhance your collage.

Method 2: Using Text Boxes and Shapes

  1. Insert Text Boxes and Shapes: Insert multiple text boxes and shapes (such as rectangles, circles, or stars) using the Insert tab. Arrange them in the desired collage layout.
  2. Add Images: Fill each text box or shape with an image using the Image option in the context menu. You can resize, rotate, and crop the images as needed.
  3. Customize Appearance: Format the text boxes and shapes using the options in the Home and Format tabs. You can change colors, borders, and apply effects to create a cohesive collage design.

Method 3: Using a Drawing Canvas

  1. Insert Drawing Canvas: Go to the Insert tab and click on Drawing Canvas. This will create a separate drawing layer within your Word document.
  2. Insert and Edit Images: Insert your images onto the drawing canvas using the Insert tab within the drawing layer. You can resize, rotate, and arrange the images freely.
  3. Add Shapes and Text: Use the drawing tools to add shapes, lines, and text boxes to your collage. You can customize their appearance and positioning within the drawing canvas.
  4. Group and Arrange Objects: Select multiple objects and group them using the Group option in the Drawing Tools tab. Arrange the grouped objects and individual objects to create your collage layout.

Additional Tips:

  • Experiment with Different Layouts: Try various arrangements of images, shapes, and text boxes to find the most visually appealing collage design.
  • Use Consistent Formatting: Maintain a consistent style for text fonts, colors, and borders to create a cohesive look for your collage.
  • Balance Elements: Ensure that the elements in your collage are well-balanced in terms of size, placement, and color contrast.
  • Consider Using Online Collage Tools: If you need more advanced collage features, consider using online collage tools that offer a wider range of templates and editing options.

Remember, Word is primarily a text-based document editor, and its collage capabilities are somewhat limited. However, using the methods and workarounds described above, you can create basic collages and incorporate them into your Word documents.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.