Paper pen holder

An excellent solution for a pencil case is gluing it out of paper or cardboard. On this page you will find several options for pencil holder templates that you can download for free and then print. All templates are designed to be printed on A4 sheets. The schemes of pencil holders are not at all complicated, and even a child can create them.

Stylish paper pencil holder

To glue such a beautiful pencil holder, first print two A4 sheets from this PDF. After cutting out all the details, follow the instructions posted in the following images.

Tiered paper pencil holder

And to glue such a multi-level paper pencil case, you need to print 10 sheets of A4 paper from the following PDF. When all parts are cut, follow the next instructions.

Cutout pencil holder

In order to glue the pencil box with your own hands, which you can see in the image above, you first need to print 5 A4 sheets from this PDF. The following instructions will help you not to make a mistake when gluing a pencil holder.