Paper bear: print, cut and glue

Calling all crafters! Looking for an adorable and easy project? Look no further than this fantastic paper teddy bear!

This page offers a comprehensive guide on creating your very own paper teddy bear. With just three printable sheets of teddy bear parts, you can bring this cuddly companion to life in no time!

The process is delightfully simple:

  1. Print the Magic: Download and print the three teddy bear part templates provided on this webpage.
  2. Cut with Care: Carefully cut out each individual teddy bear piece from the printed sheets.
  3. Fold for Fun: Following the guide provided, gently fold the pieces along designated lines to create creases.
  4. Glue with Glee: Apply glue to the designated areas on the teddy bear pieces and carefully assemble them, watching your paper friend take shape!

This project is perfect for crafters of all ages and skill levels. It’s a great activity for kids, allowing them to practice their cutting and gluing skills while creating a charming teddy bear.

On this page you will find information on how to make a teddy bear out of paper with your own hands. It is enough to print 3 sheets of parts, then cut, fold and glue.

Download paper bear template

It is very easy to glue such a paper teddy bear, but if you feel difficult, you can check the instructions.

So, unleash your creativity and get ready to craft a cuddly paper companion!